Artist Statement

Theme – Movement


No forms. No painting was created with an image in mind before commencing the work. So the colours are an expression on what was going on in the moment the painting was being created. This is a conscious decision to be true to freedom and authenticity of the now. In some sense then each painting is a description of the mood I was in while creating it. They were done laboriously over around one year.

The painting had to make sense in one or more directions. Again an artistic and conscious decision. So each painting I work on with on one side first . Then on most of them I moved them top becoming a side, to work again. A few paintings took on a position early like – Movement I and have only one face. Most of have it two faces, some all four faces like Forest.

Colours. I was fascinated by the theme of how movement can create a sense of colour after a conversation with a friend who was colour blind. So I started to work with the primary colours, blue, yellow, red and then white to see where I can go with them. The Prakash series is a direct result as well as many others. Only very lately have I started to enjoy the colour wheel. Some combinations are from that. I have a fixed palete and then once I finish a painting I finish some colours. I like to work with whats left as then I am forced out of the natural habit and to pay attention to colours I don’t usually use. The black came out again in the end as the usual response to my angst of living in Chennai.

My work is called Abstract Expression in the art world of the west.

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